Global Cryptocurrency Exchange

We're bringing to you a truely global cryptocurrency exchange that would enable you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies using your credit card, debit card and wire transfers.

With quick and easy KYC system in place, and fast bank transfers, and a user-friendly platform, you would not be able to stop yourself from falling in love with ethx. - Global Crytocurrency Exchange

Ethx Enterprise Offerings

We are bringing a turnkey blockchain solutions for enterprises.

  • Ethx DataBlock : Users would be able to contribute a part of their computing power from their laptops, mobiles and servers to a central network and enterprises would be able to host their data and application on this network. For every resource the user contributes, they would be rewarded in cryptocurrencies.

  • Ethx Ninja : A security suite for enterprises that would enable them to find and fix critical security issues.

Ethx Enterprise Solutions

How we stand out

Global Exchange

Ethx is bringing to you a truly global exchange* which would allow you to convert your local currency to crypto and vice-versa.

Proven Trackrecord

Ethx has been successfully operating an exchange in India with volumes in tens of millions of dollars.

Ease of Use

Our users love our platform. It is easy on the eyes and simple enough for new traders. No more daunting exchange windows.

Complete Transparency

We're working on recording all transactions of ethx on a public ledger for complete transparency.

Local Presence

Along with multi-language support, we are working on setting up regional offices to ensure better support for our users.

Award Winning Enterprise Solutions

Ethx DataBlock is here to revolutionize the way blockchain is implemented in small-to-large enterprises. Our turnkey solutions would save corporates weeks of research and tens of thousands of dollars in blockchain implementation cost.


September, 2017 Launched was launched as a closed beta for users in India, it started only as an exhange and wallet for Ethereum but gradually other currencies were added.

November, 2017 Crossed 10,000 users

Even though ethx was in closed beta and registrations were only possible by invitation, ethx managed to acquire over 10,000 users in just a few weeks from launch. Daily unique user logins at this point were over 5,000+.

January, 2018 Added Multi-currency Support

Ethx grew from being a single to multi-currency exchange. With the addition of Bitcoin and Litecoin on the platform, the volume surged.

Feb, 2018 Crossed 25,000 users

As soon as ethx became a multi-currency exchange, we were flooded with user requests. Ethx was still in closed beta and over 100,000 users were waiting in queue for an invite and we crossed 25,000 registered user mark.

March, 2018 Development

Over the last quarter, we received numerous requests from international traders to join ethx. Hence the development of a global cryptocurrency exchange began.

June, 2018 Launched

On 15th June 2018, we opened the doors for the world by launching a global cryptocurrency multi-currency wallet.

July, 2018 Ethx ICO

We are conducting a Pre-ICO between 1st and 7th of July, 2018 with a 20% discount.

August, 2018 Global Exchange

We are working on bringing to you a global exchange which would enable you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency using your credit card, debit card and bank transfers. Our launch date for this milestone is 1st August 2018.

15th August, 2018 Ethx Enterprise

We would be launching an enterprise suite that would enable small-to-large enterprises to get on blockchain with a click of a button.

October, 2018 Merchant Services

We're currently building and testing a merchant solution that would enable users to conveniently buy goods and services using cryptocurrency.

January, 2019 cPOS and One Blockchain

This phase would include a hardware and a card. The card would be used by users to convert their crypto into fiat (if legal in the said country) or pay di- rectly from their crypto assets for goods and services.

Ethx would now start recording all the transactions on its platform in a public pseudonymous ledger.

Token Distribution Economics

Name: Ethx Coin
Total Supply: 100 million
Platform: Ethereum